Hi! I’m Leslie.

Welcome to my little space on the web! This began as a place where I shared life lessons about singleness and heartbreak and friendship, outfit tips, but as the seasons in my life have changed, now I hope to share more of marriage, motherhood, and figuring out faith, life, + all of the other previous lessons that I forgot to write about lol. My Instagram is filled with lots of outfits, but also lots of #lesliesalazarJournals (previously #DYLjournals – you can still look them up with that hashtag) where I share my heart and a short lesson I learned/am learning. My goal is to encourage you to know without a doubt that you are loved in every season and no matter what you have done or are going through- it’s going to be okay, you will get through it and you can enjoy your life. Marriage is a journey, motherhood is challenging, and sometimes seasons aren’t as fun, but I also hope you realize you can choose everyday to LIVE and be fulfilled!

I was born and raised in Houston, Tx, but my family is from Colombia. My first language was Spanish and I didn’t even speak English until I was about 8 years old. I am married to my best friend Tedo and we have a baby boy named Milo (you will also see a lot of pictures of him). We also have 2 crazy pitbulls Leo & Bailey and we spend a lot of time picking up Leo’s hair and cleaning up Bailey’s slobber *insert rolling eyes emoji* but I can’t fathom life without them lol I recently quit my job to stay home with my baby and help my husband grow his businesses.

I hope you are encouraged as you read my journals/words.

Thank you for stopping by! XOXO


  1. Tania says:

    I just want to say thank you! Your blogs give me hope! I thought I was the only one waiting on the Lord, to be still, to not date,to not flirt, to just focus on me. Your words bring me so much courage, I pray that you stay strong to your words on your journey and that God keeps using to encourage other girls.

    1. So glad to hear this!! Feel free to email me if you ever want to chat and encourage each other! Dancinginyourlove@gmail.com

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