Summer Time Fine | Hair Change

I LOVE Summer. I am the girl who could live in bathing suits and in the sun all day long and not get bored or tired. Along with my love for Summer, I am obsessed with taking care of my hair, and working in the salon industry for 4 years has made that possible!

I started working at Hue Salon back in October and though I was only there for a few short months, I was able to see the raw talent of each stylist. The work they do is like no other and not only are they in the heart of Montrose, where creativity and uniqueness flow, but they themselves are also just as creative and talented.

One particular favorite is Zack (check out his insta @Zackerychapa). He has both colored and cut my hair these past few months and earlier in May, I was able to get in to lighten my hair & get it summer ready! He only colored this time though, I still need to come in for a tiny tiny tiny tiny trim (obviously I’m growing my hair out LOL) I wasn’t able to get my photographer available to take pictures of my hair so I did a few selfies to share his work (but hello, selfies are just as good!)


I love that it looks different depending on how it’s styled and what light you’re in. It can look very cool and blonde or very warm and caramel toned. Ya’ll I am a naturally BLACK haired girl and the fact that Zack was able to get my hair this light without damaging it is SO amazing. Pure Talent. Also with a little help of a process called Smart Bond by L’Oreal. It is a new product that is designed to protect and strengthen hair during bleach or haircolor services. The product is added/mixed into the color bowl and applied at the same time, all together. There is also a second step before shampoo, and an option for at home care. I have previously tried Olaplex which is similar, but I prefer SmartBond because it doesn’t slow down the process of lifting like Olaplex does.


Not only does Zack listen to what you want, but he also holds a good conversation. He can talk about almost anything and loves to laugh and be recorded and tagged on social media…. Is there anything better!?!?! My first few weeks at Hue, Zack was one of my first friends and we clicked right away because of his great sense of humor and ridiculousness!

If it is your first time into the salon, they offer $20 off here and you won’t regret getting your hair summer time fine with Zack. Look for inspiration, and book your appointment! He has reasonable prices and works weekends and evenings.

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Dancing in His love with FRESH new hair,

Leslie Tatiana