Day 1

So here it goes.
First Day of October.
First Day blogging.
First Day of a new month.
First Day.
I am attempting to write things out this month, versus keeping it bottled inside, and exploding later.
I have decided to take control of my life. As much as I can of course. Taking too much control always causes a fit & a unnecessary rebellion against God.
But I have decided to heal and to grow…. & to determine the way October will be.I have dreams and desires. & even deep down inside, there are things my spirit dreams of that I yet do not know of.
I would like to begin to develop my dreams and to have goals, so I know what I am working towards. What am I called to do? Why do I lead at Revive? Where do I see this going? What do I want to do with my life?
These seem silly when I think about other people reading them out loud. but it’s true. I constantly run around life a chicken without its head and… I think I’m tired of it.My life needs order. My room needs to stay clean. My finances need to exceed “pay check to pay check” habits. My car needs to stay clean. My homework and tests need to be completed and reflect my dedication and hard work. I am blessed. I go to a wonderful school and I need to take advantage of that.
I love my job…. But the people cause me heartache. So should I stay to keep my manager happy? Or should I go, to take care of myself? These are answers I hope to find this month and these are situations I hope to change.
One Day At A Time.

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